As me ‘n’ me marra was gannin’ te wark,

We met wi’ the Divil it was in the dark . .

Aa up wi’ me pick it bein’ in the neet,

A chopped off his horns, his hands an’ his feet –


Dum,   dum,   dum,   da da da

Foller, foller, foller, Johnny

Foller, foller, Johnny, canny laddo.


As me ‘n’ me marra was loadin’ the tram

The light it went oot ‘n’ me marra went wrang –

How ye wud’ve laughed to see the fine game

Old Nick took me marra ‘n’ ah took the tram.


Dum dum etc.


Oh marra, oh marra now what do you think?

Av’ broken me bottle an’ spilt aal me drink

Av’ lost aal me tools amang the greet stowens,

Draw me to the shaft it’s time te gan home.


Dum, dum, etc.



So here’s me horses ‘n’ here’s me tram,

two horns full ‘a’ grease will mek a-te gan,

There’s me marrra stretched oot on the grund

You can tell of his sort his puttin’s aal dun.


Dum, dum, etc.

Ian Ground